Over the years I’ve been involved with many different types of development projects: websites, email, web applications, iOS native apps, minor desktop utilities, to plugins for QuarkXpress. While I’ve had several projects where I worked as part of a larger development team, the majority of time I am either the lead or only developer for a given project.

Web Development Work

I have lost count of the number of sites I’ve built, a few samples are linked on this page. The types of sites have ranged from simple static HTML, modification of an existing site, to multi-site/platform implementations. Most site development has been fully custom sites, where I work with one or more designers, and implement their vision within the platform that best matched the requirements of the site and client.  The majority of websites have been built using WordPress, Joomla, TboxCMS, static PHP/HTML, or a combination of platforms depending on the solution. Some WordPress solutions have involved either leveraging an existing template by creating a child temple, or building a WordPress plugin to change styling and/or add new functionality.

For WordPress projects, I start with a template I developed, and incorporate libraries I’ve developed to build custom post types, editors, and front-end layouts. 3rd party plugins I try to limit to those with special purpose (analytics, form handling, backups, etc.) and integrate as much as possible within the template itself. Having a well documented and labeled admin area I find extremely important, especially if the content to be maintained by a non-programmer.

Web Application Work

I’ve built several robust and many smaller applications over the years. Major applications from scratch include a time/task tracking and billing application used for over 15 years. Another still active application that started in 2002 is a product system with multiple usage endpoints (digital catalogs) – a subset of that particular project was deployed for several years in the branches of a major American bank. I’ve built back-end ordering/fulfillment, tracking, and other niche solutions to problems clients faced.

Email and Campaign Work

Making email in the world look good is also something I’ve done a lot with. Preparing content for Constant Contact, Vertical Response, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, along with more robust campaign solutions like Mindfire have been some of the HTML/CSS word I’ve performed.